Cedarwood & Jasmine - Carpet Fragrance

Cedarwood & Jasmine - Carpet Fragrance

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                    Cedarwood & Jasmine - Eco Carpet Fragrance (100g or 200g Pouch)

100g or 200g bag of carpet fragrance and deodoriser. WILD Living carpet powder can be used on a range of products including rugs, mattresses, carpets, and cars.

Made from baking soda and essential oils.
Baking soda is an eco-friendly cleaning alternative due to its PH balance. It neutralises odours rather than simply masking them. Along with a range of essential oils, WILD carpet powder is a great way to neutralise smells and replace them with a great smelling alternative.

Keep an eye out for other fragrances from the WILD Living range.

Larger bags available upon request.


shake your bag to activate the scent.
Sprinkle your powder on the desired area.
Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes (longer is better!)
Vacuum all powder up.

Additional Information:

Keep pets & children away from the product until vacuumed.
Always do a patch test before use.
Clean & check your vacuum (including filters) regularly. I do not accept liability for damage caused by misuse.
CLP Compliant.