Reusable Cotton Pads  - Grey Leopard Print

Reusable Cotton Pads - Grey Leopard Print

SKU: 920355894
                    Large 4" Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads - Eco Friendly. Grey Leopard Print Fabric. 

Reduce your waste with these reusable cotton pads. Perfect for cutting down on cotton rounds and face wipes. Machine washable & durable, made from Bamboo cotton towelling and stylish cotton fabrics.

These come in a 5 pack of large 4” diameter pads, meaning one pad should clean your whole face. Rinse each pad after use, then simply place them in a normal wash load when you have used them all. It is recommended to use a wash bag to ensure these are not misplaced in the washing machine. They can be either tumble or air dried once washed.

£7.00 for a pack of 5.
Add a wash bag for £1.
+ UK Delivery.

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Additional Information:

Sizing’s are approximate. Exact measurements may differ slightly due to the use of fabrics (within the millimetres). Square shapes are used to provide a larger product and reduce cut off fabric waste.

If using pads for removing nail vanish, it is recommended to wash these separately to prevent damage to clothing. Please note some makeup and nail vanish may stain the pad.